Agnes Torok

Spoken word poet & workshop leader


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Agnes Török is a spoken word performer, poetry workshop leader, poetrythe one i like event organiser and happiness nerd. She regularly runs workshops for young people and adults focused on literacy, performance skills, confidence and mental health.

Török is the winner of multiple Poetry Slams in three different countries and two different languages. She has been featured as a TED speaker, been invited to perform at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, and regularly makes poetry videos for BBC The Social.

Török has been featured at multiple international poetry festivals and on multiple national TV and radio shows. Her two acclaimed one-woman spoken word shows ‘Sorry I Don’t Speak Culture’ and ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It – Take This Survey’ have both won awards in the Best Spoken Word Show Category (PBH).

She is currently working on some secret projects that she is very excited to reveal.





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