the videos


Every month, Agnes produces a new spoken word video with the help of her supporters. Become one on Patreon.

“There’s a community here and all my Patrons are part of it. Together, we have monthly writing workshops. I give the instructions and those who want to follow them. I also write personal poems for all my higher-tier Patreons on any topic of their choosing. This is a back-and-forth, a two-way-communication, and you are so welcome to be part of it.

Everything I make is political, in one way or another. And everything is about community, in more ways that one. That’s where people like you come in. That’s where creating together comes in.”

All Agnes’ spoken word videos end up on her YouTube channel and are free for one and all to watch. But the Patrons are the people who make that possible. To help Agnes make more and better videos, while making sure that everyone involved in production gets paid, support her Patreon page.