Agnes Török (pronomen hen och hon) är en tvåspråkig spoken word poet som bor i Stockholm och regelbundet uppträder runt om i Sverige. Det går utmärkt att boka hen för framträdanden på svenska, t.ex. med hens feministiska spoken word crew Det Nya Gardet eller med boksamarbetet Den Nya Tidens Diktbok tillsammans med Bim Eriksson och Leopard Förlag. För mer om Agnes verk och projekt på svenska, se press information.

Award-winning spoken word performer, author, TED speaker and workshop leader.

Török (pronouns they/them and she/her) writes, publishes and teaches in two languages. Their work has been published in three collections, one spoken word album and several crowdfunded spoken word videos. They have toured on four continents and been featured at book and poetry festivals.

Their spoken word theatre shows have won international awards and acclaim and has produced poetry in collaboration with BBC, Riksteatern, Arbetarrörelsens Kulturfond, Rättighetscentrum Norrbotten, Upworthy, Postkodsstiftelsens Kulturfond, Films for Action and libraries and events around the world.

Török’s work exists at the intersection of art and activism. They perform with their work, run writing workshops, make poetry videos and write books about the issues they feel most strongly about – solidarity, gender based violence, and social change.

Török is currently performing, touring and writing full-time and is available for bookings. To book Agnes, email agnes@agnestorok.org.






Want Agnes to perform at your event, hold a workshop or write a commissioned poem?

Contact and bookings on agnes@agnestorok.org