Agnes Török is a spoken word performer, author, TED speaker and workshop leader from Stockholm, Sweden.

Török writes, publishes and teaches in two languages. Her work has been published in three collections, one spoken word album and several crowdfunded spoken word videos. She has toured on four continents and been featured at book and poetry festivals.

Her spoken word theatre shows have won awards and acclaim at the world largest spoken word festivals, and she has produced new work in collaboration with BBC, Films for Action, Dangerous Women Project and Upworthy among others.

Török’s work exists at the intersection of art and activism. She runs writing workshops, hosts events, produces poetry videos and writes books about the issues she feels most strongly about – solidarity, mental health, gender based violence, and social change.

Török is currently touring full-time with her spoken word theatre shows – and getting ready to release something big.

To book Agnes for an event or collaboration, email agnes@agnestorok.org.