Agnes Török’s work has been published in two books, two shorter collections and one spoken word album. This is the place to buy them.

Buying straight from this website (or Agnes’ Etsy shop) means you will get the book personally signed by Agnes, with a dedication of your choice. It also means that instead from supporting a tax-dodging corporation like Amazon, you will be supporting an artist and an independent publisher .

We Need To Talk: solidarity and survivorship

Copies signed individually by the author.

10% of proceeds go to organisations that support victims and survivors of sexual violence, and that do important work in bringing about a world free from sexual and gender-based violence.

“Agnes Török speaks out against gender-based violence with an urgency and fluency. Agnes’s voice is one that demands to be heard. She, and we, will not be shut up.”
Jo Shaw, Dangerous Women Project

This is a book for everyone. Everyone who agrees that sexual violence is a societal issue. That gender-based violence is rampant. That we need to do something about it.

This is especially for fellow victims and survivors. For our friends and families and loved ones. A kind, supportive, helpful, and revolutionary book. The kind many of us wish we had when we needed it.

about violence and how to end it. About when we, as victims of rape and gender-based violence, become survivors and change-makers.

about the fight still ahead of us. The fight to change laws, norms, narratives, and structures. To build consent, demand accountability, and ensure freedom from violence.
The fight we need you in.

is a call to arms.
A voice in the silence.
The beginnings of a plan on How To Change Everything.
Let’s start right now.

This is a personal book. A political book. A book about human experiences.

Happiness Is An Art Form is a reflection on what makes our lives good and how we can best equip ourselves to get through difficulty – trauma, mental ill health, illness, you name it. Török speaks about them all, with joy, clarity, and humor.

This is a book about you. It is an invitation to think about your life – your good times and your bad, your joys and your challenges. To think about if there is anything you could do, big or small, that could add more joy to your life. Anything that could make the challenges a bit more manageable. Don’t worry, you’ll have a whole book to help you make up your mind.

It is time to order it and start.

Published in 2016 by Burning Eye Books.

Debut spoken word album with music. Features YouTube sensation ‘Worthless’ and four never before released tracks. Includes poems from Török’s beloved TED talk ‘What I Learned From Studying Happiness’. Some of Török’s best political poetry alongside incredible music by Baluga Music. Self-published by the artists.

The album features Struggle Songs, The Old Ladies In The Hospital, When Did You Realise?, This Is My Body and viral hit Worthless.

Agnes’ first self-published DYI poetry collections.

Struggles and Other Songs is Török’s debut collection. It is 34 pages and 13 poems long, and made entirely by the author. Struggles and Other Songs includes poems ‘Struggle Songs’, ‘When did you realise you were straight?’ and ‘This is my body’, poems which were part of Török’s award-winning spoken word show ‘Sorry I Don’t Speak Culture’.

‘Sorry I Don’t Speak Culture’ is Agnes Török’s second self-published poetry pamphlet. It was written in 2014 alongside Török’s 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival show, which won the Best International Spoken Word Show award.

The pamphlet is 30 pages long, includes drawings from the author, eight poems in English and one poem in Swedish with an English translation. Sorry I Don’t Speak Culture includes poems ‘I Love You (in English)’, ‘Worthless’, ‘Friends with the Racists’ and ‘The Old Ladies in the Hospital’.

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